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Boniq Pre-loved Luxury is a place where you can shop to your heart's desire. We carefully curate a selection of vintage and highly collectible luxury fashion items that we know our customers love and desire.

We source from some of the best professional resellers worldwide, many of whom do not even have a presence online, yet possess truly beautiful classic items that stand the test of time and worth.

As a Boniq member, you have the privilege to be part of the community of like-minded collectors. We invite you to submit items that you once loved, but could use a new home, in our efforts of build a more sustainable eco-system of high fashion.

Rest assured, we authenticate, provide quality control and guarantee every item so you can have a peace of mind.

How it works?

What you once purchased and loved, can find its way to a new home in three easy steps.



Share with us more about the pre-loved item that needs selling.



Boniq collects the item from you home.

With our team of experts, we will clean, refurbish, and repair item to near-pristine.



Our evalutors will assess its value and give it a fair price before listing it on Boniq.

Why sell with us?

Boniq Pre-loved Luxury is the most trusted online boutique for selling new and pre-loved luxury items. When you choose to consign a luxury piece with us, We make sure you get a fair price when you choose to consign your luxury item with us.

Insurance Cover

Each and every consigned item is well-taken care of. We ensure it has adequate insurance coverage including risks of fire, flood, theft and damage.

Professional Product Handling

Once you receive your luxury item, we take great care and precaution as our skilled experts examine its condition, clean and authenticate it. We will also take professional photographs to showcase its value and beauty on our website, ready for sale.

Premium Brand Environment

We feature your items on our dedicated brand pages amongst other elite items to help them receive the right spotlight.

Transparent Pricing

We aim at maximising your profit. We follow best industry practices for a well-researched and well-placed pricing to ensure your items sell well. Our detailed commission structure is transparent, fair and easy to understand.

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