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Boniq Our Story

Boniq: Bon Vivant

Boniq was inspired by the simple want to live the good life fully and purposefully. 

No time is worth wasting. As such it becomes our philosophy to only offer what is the best in the market for our customers.

Korea has quality, artisan and in-trend items which we know you will enjoy, and we want to bring them to you. Our exclusive shopping portal carries brands that are exclusive to Boniq, and no where else.

Our service to you, is to make you feel special and served. We source for some of the most hidden gems and treasures from the depths of Korea and deliver it to your doorstep.

Curated to your taste, your lifestyle, your stature.

Let us serve you. Because the good life is what you deserve.

Who We Are

We are an exclusive luxury boutique store where you can find what you desire and need. We want our customers to experience the luxuries of the world - and to do so with ease and simplicity.

What We Believe In

We believe that each journey, each story, deserves a mark in history.
Where time is limited, we want to make sure everything in your life is of quality.