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Pocket Volume Skirt
Brand Le Sonnet

Pocket Volume Skirt

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A practical and voluminous skirt, with pockets and a hidden zipper. It's what every lady wants and needs: a skirt with pockets.

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Le Sonnet - Pocket Volume Skirt

A practical and voluminous skirt, with pockets and a hidden zip-up zipper.
It’s what every lady wants and needs:
a skirt with pockets!


Le Sonnet Pocket Volume Skirt

It is a nylon skirt that can be worn comfortably in all sizes. It is designed with a waist band at the back, providing comfort around the middle. Designed with rich ruffles, but does not look excessive. Instead, it expresses a natural sense of rhythm when swinging. It has pockets on both sides to hold a small ball or cell phone, and a hidden zipper, making it a seamless look.

Seamless look with the Pocket Volume Skirt

Models wearing Pocket Volume Skirt

Le Sonnet Lovely Sporty Blouse

Le Sonnet du Vert means ‘Green Sonnet’ in French. Let’s call it ‘Le Sonnet’ in short. A sonnet, translated into ‘a little sound or song’ in its word, is a popular classical form that has compelled poets for centuries in Europe. More musical than literary as one might expect from a poem. The whole idea was to manifest the sound mind that comes with playing golf or tennis – both sports being played on green. A poetic life full of joy pursuing sporty life on green.

A golf and tennis player myself few thoughts bubbled up in my head while playing. How can I dress little differently? Comfy and practical for sure but perhaps in a more elegant and refined manner? Maybe more details on the back that often comes into sight when playing golf or tennis. Enhanced design on the waist could help to give more freedom of movements. What about a pocket for balls and markers? All these small thoughts were reflected in the collection.

Vertvert was born from a very small yet joyful imagination – a charming little caterpillar living on the green that does his little trick to give a hole in one to a player of his liking but sometimes could play naughty by pushing away the ball. I named him Vertvert.




Colour: Black or Navy
Material: Nylon 100%
Origin: Made in Korea
Size: One Size




Waist (banding at the back): 32-39cm
Hem: 100cm
Total Length: 53.5cm

*Size is in cm, there may be 1-2cm error depending on the measurement method.



Model Size

Height: 177cm
Bust: 33 inch
Waist: 25 inch
Hip: 37 inch
Model is wearing: One size




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