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Isabella Etou: Leaf Onyx Necklace

Leaf Onyx Necklace

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A simple yet elegant necklace, inspired from nature. Featuring a black onyx pendant and set in sterling silver chain. Beautiful and simple.

About The Brand
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A jewelry brand in a class of its own, isabella etou offers everlasting and classic pieces for any one, for any occasion. Over the years, the brand has remained steadfast in creating contemporary and timeless pieces for the modern woman. Each design is unique unto itself, yet pairs harmoniously when layered and stacked with other pieces from the collection.


Every creation is skillfully crafted and hand-sculpted with signature techniques using hand-carved wax moulds, inspiring new trends and embodies the beauty in human expression. Each piece is thoughtfully made, going through countless adjustments from conception to the finished product, setting the brand apart from the rest.


isabella etou draws design inspiration from nature. From textural intricacies to raw accents, from sensual strokes to fluid clean lines, the brand strikes a fine balance in feminine and masculine elements in their creations.


It is also this love for the beauty of Earth’s creations that motivates the brand’s commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment. To keep a small environmental footprint, isabella etou uses recycled silver and other fair trade materials whenever possible, and production is 100% local.



isabella etou is committed to being a socially conscious brand of today, and will continue to create one-of-a-kind designs that transcend trends and embody the independent woman through the ages.