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Le Sonnet

Le Sonnet du Vert means ‘Green Sonnet’ in French. Let’s call it ‘Le Sonnet’ in short. A sonnet, translated into ‘a little sound or song’ in its word, is a popular classical form that has compelled poets for centuries in Europe. More musical than literary as one might expect from a poem. The whole idea was to manifest the sound mind that comes with playing golf or tennis – both sports being played on green. A poetic life full of joy pursuing sporty life on green.

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  1. Le Sonnet

    Simple Polo Shirts
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  2. Le Sonnet

    Ribbon Logo Tights
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  3. Le Sonnet

    Ribbon Logo Cap
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  4. Le Sonnet

    Cotton Candy One-Piece
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  5. Le Sonnet

    Cotton Candy Polo T
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    Pocket Volume Skirt
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    Retro Mood Pique T
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    Lovely Sporty Blouse
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    Line Shorts
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9 Items

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